Wednesday, October 19, 2011

How Do You Learn Math Best?

What's your favorite way to study math?  Do you like to learn math with paper/pencil practice, online practice, games, projects and/or posters?  Is there another way that you like to learn math?  What's challenging for you when learning math?  What kinds of lessons do you dislike?  Team 15, please share your math thoughts by commenting below.  Others far and near are welcome to comment too.


  1. One of my favorite ways to study math is going to math school. It's pretty hard so it can help with your math. It's also really fun.Shawn

  2. I like to study math by playing games. I go to a Math school in Newton every Sunday. I also like using That Quiz every now and then.


  3. I like to do paper pencil work.
    I also like to play games since they are fun.
    I like online too because of instant feedback.


  4. I like using the computer to practice. I also like using workbooks. Also I would go to math school if I had time Alex

  5. I like to do paper pencil homework. I also like to do math projects. I hate homework on the computer. I don't like computers.

  6. I like computer study because I like to play around the computer.
    I don't like paper and pencil study.
    I don't like it because it is boring and I have to write it down.

  7. I like to use paper or play games.I also like to use flash cards. I think some people should try to use flash cards because you will learn faster.-Eissa

  8. My favorite way to learn math is to go on IXL or That Quiz and pick stuff that I need to improve. I do like to do paper pencil work but not as much as computer studying. I do not know any other way to study. There is no challenge in math for me. I do not dislike any math lessons.


  9. I like computer math practice, because I like to play computer.
    I don't like paper and card, because paper and card is very hurt.


  10. I learn math the best if you do something fun with it. For an example make up a song, use items, make up rhymes, ect. I think stuff like that gets whatever subject your learning about stuck in your head.


  11. I like to study the facts I have trouble on.
    I like to play math games on the computer.
    I like to study for test so it can prepare me for that specific test.

  12. I like using math games to study math . I dislike using flash cards . The best way for me to study for math is in a quiet work place.


  13. I like to use games and I like working on with Gabsie because were both on division and it helps to work together. I like to play the games because I like having fun while I learn. I find I can't pay attention through-out math talk I get the subjects but can't listen the whole time.


  14. My favorite way to study mathis to do it online. If I do Division it is challenging. I also don't like doing math on paper. by kya

  15. hello ms.Devlin,
    I think the best way for me to study is by writing it down also I like to do it when somebody quizes me. I think we should partner up and do it together and to quiz each other.I don't always like to be timed becuase that way I dont remember the fact so good and I don't get time to think about it, but it's always good to be timed when your ready for it. This are the ways I like to learn math...

  16. My favorite way to practice math is to do it with my mom because I can learn faster.If I do it with my mom also she can help me. I also like paper homework. When I do computer math sometimes I don't learn as well.

  17. My favorite way to study math is to ask someone to help me. I need help on division a lot. I is hard for me to do my homework by myself.

    - laura

  18. I Like play flash cards.
    I like play online games.
    I like do work on paper.

    By MODIB

  19. I like to do math in math books. My favorite math strategy is to use regrouping.

    - Angela

  20. I like to play flash cards with my mom and dad.
    i also like to practice online.
    i also like doing it on paper.


  21. I like to play online games cause its fun.
    I uasally do
    I don't like doing it on paper just cause I have to redo do it because of my handwriting